Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Feeling over it

I feel like everything is just out to make my life harder 😩 I have done everything I had to,  to get my child medicated and to try and get on top of her ADHD. But I feel like its worse now everything she does is whinged about like its a excuse for her behavior or I'm constantly asked has she had her meds today where before they just had to Deal with it Weather they liked it or not, I've given ideas and strategies for her daycare to trial and see what works better for her while she is at daycare, and I don't think they are doing it,  I'm trying to make it easier for them and her, and now because of all this I'm finding myself dreading picking her up because she's had a feral day and then comes home and is the same it's so hard. After a long day I would like to relax for five minutes or not even relax just a half decent behaved child, it's almost like what she's doing at daycare she will then come home and continue the same behavior. I'm at a loss on what to do.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Starting kindy next year

Urrggghhh I dont think I'm ready for my baby girl to go out into the big world 😫 where has time gone she will be 5 next month and it only feels like yesterday she was starting to walk and talk, everyone's all about preparing the child for big school what about us parents Aha ?? As the year ends and it's getting closer to her going to big school I'm starting to freak out. I'm hoping she has a teacher who understands her and can help her as she has adhd and can take abit to settle down, and people just think shes naughty rather then understanding her.  Please tell me I'l be fine lol.

Just my first world problem for today :)

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Different yet great!

Girlfriends, I got to get something off my chest.

My house is never clean. Like ever. I have friends (with kids) whose houses are spotless. Are they better mothers than me? Nope. Am I a better mother than them? Nope.

I work out every day. I have mum friends who don't exercise. (I mean other than running around like crazy people after their kids). Does that make either of us a better mum? Nope.

I have a friend who gave birth in a pool in her living room. I pushed mine out in a hospital bed after receiving a gift from the epidural fairy. Both of us are good mums.

I drink a beer or glass of wine (sometimes in front of my kids!) on occasion. I'm a good mum. My neighbor and good friend doesn't drink. Also a good mum.

I'm a yeller. I have a good friend who is quiet and extremely patient. I envy her. But we are both good mums.

I have friends who are super organic, chemical free, and dye free. My kids sometimes eat popsicles for breakfast. The cheap kind that are 50 for $2.00. Are either of us better than the other? Nope.

I swear, but not in front of my kids. Are you a bad mum if you do? Hell no.

I'm involved with my kids' school but I don't volunteer and live there every day. Are the mums who volunteer daily any better than those who never do? No. Am I incredibly grateful for the mums who volunteer every day and help the teachers? YES.

Are stay-at-home mums better than working mums? NO.

Are working mums better than stay-at-home mums? NO.

Are married mums better than single mums? NO.

Are you a better mum if you take your kids on exotic vacations? NO.

Can you be a good mum if you the closest thing you get to a vacation is the park? YES.

Can you be a good mum and have a super scheduled summer with lots of planned activities? Yep.

What about if your summer is lazy with no plans? Yep.

Do good mums let their kids watch TV? Yes.

Play video games? Yes.

What about if you say no? Also fine. Your choice. You're the mum. And a good one.

I'm a Christian. My friend and neighbor is Muslim. Another friend practices no religion at all. WE ARE ALL GOOD MOTHERS.

My other friend is gay. Her kids have TWO mothers. They are both good mums.

I breastfed. My kids barely had any formula. Am I better than mums who give their kids formula? NO. 

So how about this? Can we all climb down off judgmental mountain for a second? And just support one another? And just say, Hey, motherhood is hard.  You're doing a good job. Raising kids can knock the wind out of a person. You got this. 

How awesome would that be? Just a thought.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sbs show

The end of June I was picked to appear on the sbs show about teen parenting. OMG it was so hot in there lol so may lights and people. The best thing was hearing stories so similar to our girls and even myself. When I did the interview for the show I didn't think I'd get picked so didn't really worry about it until I got an email invitation  for the show. There were girls from all over Australia with similar stories. It felt good to appear on something that will hopefully change at least one person's perspective on young parents.

Friday, 23 June 2017

First step to my career completed

Last day of tafe and handed in my final two assessments, have never felt such a weight lifted off my shoulders lol. The whole way through I felt like giving up when things became tough and life threw one of the hardest challenges at me, but I continued and fought it the whole way, I completed  assessments I never thought I would, that poor assement book which i scrunched up and screamed at multiple  times aha.  One of the best was meeting new people of all different cultures and making awesome tafe friends and the best teachers ever, so supportive and willing to help where ever  they could.  I'm excited for the next chapter in my life, I am now one step closer to my career goal.
To everyone starting a new course or chapter in life and are scared or think you cant do this, You can do anything and be proud  of yourself  every single step of the way.

#YoungMumsCanDoAnyThing #KickingGoals

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Have faith within yourself ❤️

Life is not always going to go as planned. There will be good days, and bad days. All that matters is that you keep on moving forward! Walk your line, focus on what's best for you, stay positive, never lose hope and everything will fall into place naturally.... one step at a time 💭🌹

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Anxiety and Stress of Uni Exams and assessments

Lately i have been feeling really overwhelmed with all the assessments and exams i have coming up. I have been pretty slack and left 2 of my assessments late, i am now staying up each night for hours trying to get them done... I  have had on average 3 hours of sleep each night the last week :(
before stating uni last year i had no idea how much the workload would be, i was so used to being at tafe and getting heaps of help from my teachers and other students now i am overloaded !!!!
I seriously need more time in a day !!!!! the only time i can get to work on my assessments or study is when the kids are in bed, and lately this has been late. if i try and get my laptop out, my littlest one is always straight behind me wanting to "play games" if i say no i am trying to study she will kick off and chuck a tantrum. When listening to a 3 years old scream its pretty hard to concentrate so i just put it away.
One thing i am grateful for though is the support from my partner, he tries his best to let me get my work done, and always gives encouraging words when i feel like crap or feel like i will fail or not get anything done
i just need to keep pushing, because i have worked so hard to get here im not going to let my anxiety and stress get to me. Only one and a half years to go and ill be a registered nurse !!!!

Kayla :) :)