Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Feeling over it

I feel like everything is just out to make my life harder 😩 I have done everything I had to,  to get my child medicated and to try and get on top of her ADHD. But I feel like its worse now everything she does is whinged about like its a excuse for her behavior or I'm constantly asked has she had her meds today where before they just had to Deal with it Weather they liked it or not, I've given ideas and strategies for her daycare to trial and see what works better for her while she is at daycare, and I don't think they are doing it,  I'm trying to make it easier for them and her, and now because of all this I'm finding myself dreading picking her up because she's had a feral day and then comes home and is the same it's so hard. After a long day I would like to relax for five minutes or not even relax just a half decent behaved child, it's almost like what she's doing at daycare she will then come home and continue the same behavior. I'm at a loss on what to do.

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