Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Anxiety and Stress of Uni Exams and assessments

Lately i have been feeling really overwhelmed with all the assessments and exams i have coming up. I have been pretty slack and left 2 of my assessments late, i am now staying up each night for hours trying to get them done... I  have had on average 3 hours of sleep each night the last week :(
before stating uni last year i had no idea how much the workload would be, i was so used to being at tafe and getting heaps of help from my teachers and other students now i am overloaded !!!!
I seriously need more time in a day !!!!! the only time i can get to work on my assessments or study is when the kids are in bed, and lately this has been late. if i try and get my laptop out, my littlest one is always straight behind me wanting to "play games" if i say no i am trying to study she will kick off and chuck a tantrum. When listening to a 3 years old scream its pretty hard to concentrate so i just put it away.
One thing i am grateful for though is the support from my partner, he tries his best to let me get my work done, and always gives encouraging words when i feel like crap or feel like i will fail or not get anything done
i just need to keep pushing, because i have worked so hard to get here im not going to let my anxiety and stress get to me. Only one and a half years to go and ill be a registered nurse !!!!

Kayla :) :)

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